St. Bernadette Church

Principal's Welcome

Dear parents, grandparents, guardians, aunts, uncles, and all seeking excellence in education, 

Welcome to St. Bernadette School. As you may know from our reputation, our institution is a most prestigious Pre-kindergarten, elementary and middle school in the New Haven area. Since 1957 we have accepted and graduated only the finest applicants who have gone on to become leaders in their distinguished fields. We celebrate a partnership with parents in education and look forward to working jointly with your family. At St. Bernadette School we place a significant emphasis on moral awareness, academic integrity, and social responsibility. As our mission statement states: Steeped in the Catholic tradition, St. Bernadette School is an ethnically diverse Catholic community serving students from Pre-Kindergarten though Grade 8. Each student is encouraged to strive for academic excellence within a coeducational, safe, nurturing, and loving environment where moral values are taught and modeled. As we know these values are first taught at home, but they continue here at St. Bernadette School where we continue to educate the whole child. We continually ask what they are doing to support these important expectations. There are many ways each of us can promote and build positive experiences so each student looks forward to coming to school each and every day. Again, we are delighted that you have chosen to pursue St. Bernadette School to educate your child; a responsibility we take very seriously. We feel confident that you will make a great addiiton to the St. Bernadette family. We trust that your whole family will be pleased with the nurturing environment of St. Bernadette School providing a safe place to learn and grow. Thank you for choosing St. Bernadette School. 


Mr. Edward H. Goad

Principal., St. Bernadette School